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My name is Jayla B, and I’m a Designer + Brand Strategist from Tampa, Florida. Florida Gulf Coast University is my Alma Mater where I earned my B.A. in Marketing and Digital Media Design. I am a multi-passionate soul who likes to express her creativity in many different ways. I love to vlog (I even have my own YouTube channel), I like to craft (vinyl application is my secret talent), I know how to sew my own clothes (I used to make my own in high school), I model occasionally, and most of all, I LOVE all facets of the design world.

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend my entire adult career in the industry that I love – branding, design, and marketing. Whether that was me working at print shops as a print specialist and vinyl installer, working as lead designer in a published book, or having experience creating marketing campaigns for the athletic department at FGCU, or even starting my own successful side business turning it into my full-time job, I’ve been able to do it all and love mostly every bit of it. Through all of it, I thank God for allowing me to live the life that I live.


ULTRAVSN was created BY and FOR the passionate + aspiring entrepreneur looking to build their brand. We are your go-to powerhouse for web, graphic design, and brand strategy services. By building a visionary brand with us, you’ll be able to set a foundational brand strategy for longevity and attract ideal clients with a visual brand identity that captivates.

Tip to Success 

GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE! Usually when things aren’t working, you need to switch it up to see a change in results.

The Mentor Of A Lifetime 

I don’t have any specific name. However, I would like to be mentored by someone who is multi-passionate like myself. It would be such a benefit to have someone guiding me as I navigate through building and growing my business while at the same time pursuing and leveraging my many passions. Someone who can guide me not only in business, but in my personal life as well. Always continuing to better the overall person that I am would be a foundational element in my future success.

Admired Celebrity/Influencer… 

Kim Kardashian. This woman has single-handedly changed the digital content space. Timing was definitely a key to her success, but her ability to leverage and capitalize on her personal brand as well as her now developed business brands has really changed the way social media is used for business purposes. She introduced the world to this new thing called “influencing” and the world has not been the (same)?

Dream Travel Destination…

Cruise around the world.

Daily Mantra/Affirmation

“Anything that I need, I already have. Anything that I have is all that I need. Anything that I desire, I will receive because my reality is created by me.”


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Chanel Spencer was born and raised in New York City. She is a service-oriented professional with a focus on hospitality. Chanel has built a career in the hotel industry from the ground up, rising from working the Front Desk to General Manager in a major hotel chain. Chanel is a woman with a mission. She resigned from her six-figure position to focus on her business full-time.

Chanel works hard to empower women to achieve their biggest dreams. Rather than simply telling them how to do it, she walks their paths with them, making her an exceptional leader and role model for those who are just starting out on their business owner journeys. It is this dedication to others, and herself, that sets Chanel apart. She firmly believes in building your own table instead of fighting for a seat at someone else’s.

With a growth mindset, Chanel focuses on assisting six and seven-figure emerging companies who are challenged with increasing efficiency, productivity, GOP, and revenue streams. Her innovative approach to creating systems and revenue-generating strategies sets her apart from her peers.

She is a bestselling author, speaker, and CEO of Maximum Evolution. Chanel’s desire to give back to others through self-empowerment has led her to create her own publishing company: ME Publishing. Additionally, she is the host of the Evolv Podcast and the manager of TJplayword, her own children’s brand.

Multi-talented and driven, Chanel is a proud mother of two. She strives to be a positive role model, not only for her children but for those she encounters. Her goal is to impact and transform the lives of millions of women by helping them understand the value they possess and to lead the life of their dreams.

To schedule a 20-minute complimentary business consultation book.maxevol.com


Connect with Chanel on social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chanelspencernow

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chanelspencernow

Visit https://maxevol.com/

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